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Short communication
24 Apr 2015
Short communication |  | 24 Apr 2015

Unique case of disseminated toxoplasmosis and concurrent hepatic capillariasis in a ring-tailed lemur: first case description

N. Siskos, K. Lampe, F.-J. Kaup, and K. Mätz-Rensing

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Short summary
In this paper, a co-infection with Toxoplasma gondii and Capillaria hepatica in a ring-tailed lemur is described. As a protozoan parasite, T. gondii can affect nearly all warm-blooded species, causing toxoplasmosis. In lemurs, toxoplasmosis has severe clinical manifestations leading to death. C. hepatica also affects a broad range of mammals, causing hepatic capillariasis. Although it is not known to be lethal, its potential predisposition to toxoplasmosis in our case is of great interest.