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Articles | Volume 4, issue 2
Primate Biol., 4, 143–151, 2017
Primate Biol., 4, 143–151, 2017

Research article 10 Jul 2017

Research article | 10 Jul 2017

Estimation of baboon daily travel distances by means of point sampling – the magnitude of underestimation

Holger Sennhenn-Reulen et al.

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Comparative ecology of Guinea baboons (Papio papio)
Dietmar Zinner, Matthias Klapproth, Andrea Schell, Lisa Ohrndorf, Desalegn Chala, Jörg U. Ganzhorn, and Julia Fischer
Primate Biol., 8, 19–35,,, 2021
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Is Colobus guereza gallarum a valid endemic Ethiopian taxon?
Dietmar Zinner, Dereje Tesfaye, Nils C. Stenseth, Afework Bekele, Aemro Mekonnen, Steve Doeschner, Anagaw Atickem, and Christian Roos
Primate Biol., 6, 7–16,,, 2019
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Olive baboons' (Papio anubis) response towards crowned eagles (Stephanoaetus coronatus) at Lake Manyara National Park
Filipa M. D. Paciência, Deusdedith Baluya, Pay Mbaryo, Sascha Knauf, and Dietmar Zinner
Primate Biol., 4, 101–106,,, 2017
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Life on the edge: behavioural and physiological responses of Verreaux's sifakas (Propithecus verreauxi) to forest edges
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Potential self-medication by brown titi monkeys, Plecturocebus brunneus, in an urban fragment forest in the Brazilian Amazon
Brenda Letícia Pereira Oliveira, João Pedro Souza-Alves, and Marcela Alvares Oliveira
Primate Biol., 7, 35–39,,, 2020
Postural behavior of howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata, A. macconnelli, and A. caraya) during sleep: an assessment across the genus range
Bernardo Urbani, Dionisios Youlatos, and Martín M. Kowalewski
Primate Biol., 7, 25–33,,, 2020
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Active anti-predator behaviour of red titi monkeys (Plecturocebus cupreus)
Sofya Dolotovskaya, Camilo Flores Amasifuen, Caroline Elisabeth Haas, Fabian Nummert, and Eckhard W. Heymann
Primate Biol., 6, 59–64,,, 2019
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Self-anointing behaviour in captive titi monkeys (Callicebus spp.)
João Pedro Souza-Alves, Natasha M. Albuquerque, Luana Vinhas, Thayane S. Cardoso, Raone Beltrão-Mendes, and Leandro Jerusalinsky
Primate Biol., 5, 1–5,,, 2018
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