Articles | Volume 1, issue 1
Primate Biol., 1, 1–9, 2014
Primate Biol., 1, 1–9, 2014
Research article
15 Oct 2014
Research article | 15 Oct 2014

Genotyping of non-human primate models: perspectives and challenges for the implementation of the "three R's"

T. Haus et al.

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Mito-phylogenetic relationship of the new subspecies of gentle monkey Cercopithecus mitis manyaraensis, Butynski & De Jong, 2020
Dietmar Zinner, Sascha Knauf, Idrissa S. Chuma, Thomas M. Butynski, Yvonne A. De Jong, Julius D. Keyyu, Rehema Kaitila, and Christian Roos
Primate Biol., 9, 11–18,,, 2022
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Is Colobus guereza gallarum a valid endemic Ethiopian taxon?
Dietmar Zinner, Dereje Tesfaye, Nils C. Stenseth, Afework Bekele, Aemro Mekonnen, Steve Doeschner, Anagaw Atickem, and Christian Roos
Primate Biol., 6, 7–16,,, 2019
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Genetic inference of group dynamics and female kin structure in a western lowland gorilla population (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)
M. Arandjelovic, J. Head, C. Boesch, M. M. Robbins, and L. Vigilant
Primate Biol., 1, 29–38,,, 2014
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