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Review article
22 Sep 2017
Review article |  | 22 Sep 2017

Male germline stem cells in non-human primates

Swati Sharma, Joana M. D. Portela, Daniel Langenstroth-Röwer, Joachim Wistuba, Nina Neuhaus, and Stefan Schlatt

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Pubertal and testicular development in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) shows high individual variation
S. Irfan, J. Wistuba, J. Ehmcke, M. Shahab, and S. Schlatt
Primate Biol., 2, 1–8,,, 2015

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Short summary
This review provides an introduction to the in vivo and in vitro germline stem cell terminology and physiology in non-human male primates. Primordial germ cell specification, migration and expansion are compared among species, and the usefulness of pluripotency markers is discussed taking immunohistochemical and molecular evidence during postnatal developmental stages into consideration. The concept of germline plasticity is critically reviewed and might present a primate-specific feature.