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Research article
07 Sep 2016
Research article |  | 07 Sep 2016

Intestinal parasite communities of six sympatric lemur species at Kirindy Forest, Madagascar

Andrea Springer and Peter M. Kappeler

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Detection systems for antibody responses against herpes B virus
Stefan Pöhlmann, Astrid Krüger, Wali Hafezi, Stefan Schneider, Jens Gruber, Michael Winkler, and Artur Kaul
Primate Biol., 4, 9–16,,, 2017
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Parasites play important roles in ecosystems, ultimately by affecting host health and survival. Several host traits generate differences in parasite diversity among host species living in the same habitat. We examine these traits in relation to intestinal parasitism of six sympatric lemur species. We highlight the opportunities of exploring the parasitic fauna of wildlife from a community ecology and evolutionary perspective, and identify avenues for future research on lemur parasitism.